July is Lake Appreciation Month

July may be lake appreciation month, but lake management and conservation is a year long project. Below are some ideas to continually appreciate your lake:

Learn about the issues through the CFL, CT DEEP, or your local lake association.

Stop the spread of invasive plant species by cleaning, draining, and drying your boat before you move it from any lake and be sure your fellow boaters do the same.

Support Low Impact Development (LID) in lake watershed areas.

Work with your Town on improved storm water management to minimize the impact of runoff into our lakes.

Be sure that septic systems in lake watersheds are well-maintained and pumped regularly.

Get involved with your local lake association by volunteering to help.

Support volunteer citizen science as a cost-effective involvement of interested people in lake management.

The North American Lakes Management Society (NALMS) has a few ideas too: 

NALMS Website

A Progressive Project Exploring Your Lake

The Board of Connecticut Federation of Lakes (CFL) wants to present a year-long project, broken down into periodic focusses that build on themselves to create awareness of your lake and watershed.

Publication 1: The Watershed

Learn how you can gain knowledge about your watershed. Explore the natural and man made aspects that contribute to the water quality in your favorite waterbodies.  

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Publication 2: Eutrophication

Learn about eutrophication. What causes it, how it can be prevented and what is it's effect on your favorite waterbodies. Take on the task of starting or developing a water quality monitoring program on your lake. Hint: It only takes 1 person to start!

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Join us on the Board of CFL

We would love to add some new excitement to the Connecticut Federation of Lakes. We are inviting anyone interested in helping the lake community to join us.