CT Lakes Grants Program

Connecticut Federation of Lakes (CFL) is pleased to release our 2024 Lakes Grants Program. Under this Program, the CFL request applications from its Members for financial grants to support projects in three categories.

CFL recognizes that its Lakes Grants Program grants will not likely cover the full cost of project applications, but it is our hope that these grants will help you organize, raise the profile for your project or help engage your community. We hope these “seed funds” will make the difference in some or your projects coming to fruition.

The CFL Board voted to continue the grants program in 2024 for the total combined award amount of up to $4,000.

Publication 1: The Watershed

Learn how you can gain knowledge about your watershed. Explore the natural and man made aspects that contribute to the water quality in your favorite waterbodies.  

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Publication 2: Eutrophication

Learn about eutrophication. What causes it, how it can be prevented and what is it's effect on your favorite waterbodies. Take on the task of starting or developing a water quality monitoring program on your lake. Hint: It only takes 1 person to start!

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Join us on the Board of CFL

We would love to add some new excitement to the Connecticut Federation of Lakes. We are inviting anyone interested in helping the lake community to join us.